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Martial Arts Classes

At Warrior Arts & Fitness we offer a variety of ways to train with us either in a class or as a private student with a PTP (Personal Training Program). Some students may prefer the more traditional route to training whereas others may take to the modern approach depending on their goals. Below is a description of our current martial arts which will grow as we grow…


Satria Fighting Arts

Satria Fighting Arts

We have both Adult and Teen classes (13-16 years)

The Satria Fighting Arts (SFA) is a dynamic and highly effective ancient martial art for our modern day. Although its lineage dates back to the Vedic culture, the SFA covers all aspects of combat, highly applicable for today’s society. It covers ground and upright fighting; one-on-one opponent to multiple attackers; close combat to long range fighting; empty hand techniques to using soft and hard weapons.


The SFA can be applied for self-defence scenarios in many given situations and the environment where we live play an important role when practising and/or executing a self-defence technique that must be applicable as well as effective. Training to heighten levels of awareness is also a crucial part of the training. For learn more about Satria Fighting Arts visit

We offer multiple classes a week in Satria Conditioning and Satria Fighting Arts allowing you to train to your full potential. Check out the class timetable for up to date information.

Dog Brothers Martial Arts

Dog Brothers Martial Arts

Adult class

Real Contact Stick Fighting is best described as ‘competitive duel’. A Dog Brothers Gathering is a Ritual fight, as is a Thai Boxing match or a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition. Two fighters consent to a ‘match’ which has specific rules set out in advance which both fighters consent to follow.  Of course like the Thai Boxer or Jiu Jitsu competitor we do NOT fight every time that we train.


The fighting is participated at a few specific events every year for those that wish to test their skills. Our training sessions and workshops are just that, a place to drill and hone our skills. To learn more about Real Contact Stick Fighting see our articles.