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Satria Fighting Arts

What is Satria Fighting Arts?

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The SATRIA ARTS brings you world of ancient and authentic martial art, traditional Indonesian dance and a unique Yoga system that is effective and applicable in our modern day. The roots of Satria is steeped in the Vedic culture, a complete south-east Asian ‘Warrior’ fighting art, compiled in a systematic syllabus, with a complete structure for learning, formulated by Chief Instructor and Co-Founder, Steven Benitez, approved by the late Guru Ma Prem (Founder of The Sphinx University, Holland).

The benefits of the practise of this art, are fit for everyone; male and female, young or old, beginner to advanced practitioners in martial arts or yoga, for the physically conditioned as well as the unconditioned individual.

Satria is taught in 3 categories of practise:

Bela Diri (Self-Defence) – Kembangan (Flower Dance) – Yoga

The Satria Arts was first inspired by the teachings of Guru Ma Prem (1936-2012) and the passion and dedicated practise and research of Steven Benitez. Their teacher-student relationship birthed the Satria Fighting Arts and Satria Yoga syllabus.

It took a period of about 10 years to complete the infrustructure of the Satria Fighting Arts and another 2-3 years for the Satria Yoga. In 2003, Steven Benitez opened up EastWest Studios, a family-run, full-time martial arts, dance, yoga and fitness academy. It was known as the ‘Home of Satria Fighting Arts’ and people came from various parts of the world to train this unique and effective fighting system and learn from no other than its co-founder, Steven Benitez.

The Satria Fighting Arts (SFA) is a dynamic and highly effective ancient martial art for our modern day. Although its lineage date back to Vedic culture, the SFA covers all aspects of combat, highly applicable for today’s society. It covers ground and upright fighting; one-on-one opponent to multiple attackers; close combat to long range fighting; empty hand techniques to using soft and hard weapons. The SFA can be applied for self-defence scenarios in many given situations, and the environment where we live on a day-to-day basis, play an important role when practising and/or executing a self-defence technique that is both applicable as well as effective. Training to heighten levels of awareness is also a crucial part of the training.